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Taking A Break - November 16, 2013

Thanks for stopping by. Rachel is currently taking a break from recording and touring. Sign up on the mailing list if you'd like to be kept up to speed with any new plans as they develop.

New album, US release! - June 11, 2012

RH & The Knock Outs are recently back from a 5-week tour through Europe. 32 shows in 35 days, with 12 of the gigs sold-out and a feature on BBC2's legendary Bob Harris show.  

Rachel's 4th album, "Makin' Our House A Honkytonk," officially releases in the US on June 19, 2012.  Buy it here:   Rachel will tour (as a duo) in the US behind the new album.  New live dates coming in each week - stay tuned.


Maverick Magazine ~ 5/5 stars.  "As country as country gets!"

Fatea Records ~ "Loretta Lynn? Move over and make way for your natural successor to take centre stage."

Q Magazine ~ "Harrington makes Neko Case sound like Olivia Newton John"

Lonesome Highway ~ "Powerhouse lead vocals ... her delivery is spot on making this a must have for lovers of that classic country sound, a sound that is fresh, alive and beating. One that could scare Country Radio right out of it's trainers."

Electric Ghost ~ "1960's pre-countrypolitan Nashville ... the closest thing you'll hear to a new Loretta Lynn album since Loretta was a 29 year old grandmother"

Country Music People Magazine ~ 4 stars: "A real cracker of an album!"

American Roots Uk ~ 4 stars: "It is albums such as this that Gram Parsons was referring to when putting down ‘country rock,’ instead preferring the more coverall term Cosmic American Music' ... he would have loved this superb recording!"

Blabber n' Smoke ~ "diving straight in at the deep end ... Harrington has made a raunchy countryalbum that one could imagine the likes of Loretta Lynn might produce if she were 50 years younger."

Rock and Reel ~ "Sharply observed songs with attitude to burn!"

The Irish Times ~ 4 stars: "Remember that nice Rachel Harrington and her quiet, contemplative country music from the Oregon hills? Well, you should hear her now that she’s fallen in with the honkytonk crowd. What a mouth!"

Mad Mackerel ~ "an album of pure, unbridled honky-tonk Country music. Sure there are some echoes of garage rock, some soul leanings and a smattering of Phil Spector-ish doo-wop, but at its heart this is pure Country and all the better for it."

Pennyblack Music ~ "the boot-stompin' world of backwoods country, like [they used to do it] back before the big Nashville names sanded off all the edges."

Whisperin and Hollerin ~ "live, sassy and colourful. High-octane, Burritos-style garage-roots


New album: European Tour - April 11, 2012

The Knock Outs are just back from a non-stop 5-week tour through Europe to support Rachel's new album, "Makin' Our House A Honkytonk." The girls had a blast!  32 shows in 35 days, with 12 of the gigs sold-out and a feature on BBC2's legendary Bob Harris show.  Pics and tour journals at the Facebook pages: and

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